"Extremely patient"
By Taisha and Ricky F. on Dec 14 2015   Piano, In home
      Mr. Brian is an extremely patient, focused and fun piano teacher. He is very encouraging and motivating for my son, and my son is always eager to learn more. Mr. Brian is professional, timely and has a wonderful personality. His piano skills are awesome and we are always delighted when he plays for us. I highly recommend Mr. Brian as your child's piano teacher!!
"Amazing Teacher"
By Renata on Dec 8 2015  In studio
       Amazing teacher. Masters every aspect of both music AND teaching it. I had stopped playing decades ago after an uninspiring introduction through very typical piano lessons. Brian adapts his lessons to what the student seeks to accomplish, being able to cover the full spectrum of classical music, theory, and sight-reading basics to the techniques of improvisation and accompaniment. He explains concepts so that I finally am understanding all of the missing links, and i can't believe how much progress I have made in less than a year! Brian has unlocked music for me and is helping me achieve what I always hoped to, but never thought I could!
"​A passion for piano"
  By Emi on Dec 8  2015 Piano, In studio
       Brian Long has been my piano teacher for the past 5 years and has taught me so much. Not only did he teach me how to read music, play chords, and incorporate my own special touch to the pieces I play, but he has given me a passion to want to learn and appreciate the piano for the beautiful instrument that it is. The lessons are always stress free and fun and I look forward to being able to play with such a talented pianist each week.
"Boosts her confidence"
By Rachel on Dec 8 2015 Piano, In studio
       Brian is an amazing piano teacher! Brian will go over notes and songs until he's confident the student understands what he's teaching. Brian has also help boost my daughter's confidence.
"Connects on their level"
By Rebecca on Dec 3 2015 Piano, In studio
      I think Brian is an excellent piano teacher! My two children have been taking lessons with him for the past three and four years. He is really good at connecting with them on their level, and caters his style of teaching to their individual needs and abilities.
"Awesome Teacher"
By Shalini K. on Dec 3 2015 Piano, In studio
Brian is very gifted and an awesome teacher. He is very patient with his students. My son has been taking lessons from him from the past four years and it has been a wonderful experience.

"Great Person"
By Sohail on Dec 2 2015 Piano, In home
        Great person! My daughter loved the lessons!
"Highly Recommended"
By Rhonda on Dec 3 2015 Piano, In studio
        My kids have been taking piano lessons from Brian for the last 3 years. He is an extremely gifted teacher and is able to connect with kids on their level. He is able to motivate and pull more out of them than I expected was possible. They enjoy his humor and teaching style. We would highly recommend him!
"A Passion for teaching"
By Anita on Dec 2 2015 Piano, In studio
       Brian is a gifted musician and singer with a passion for teaching children to appreciate music while learning to play piano. Both of our daughters took piano lessons in his home on week nights for several years. He portrays patience and kindness as an instructor. He has a lovely family and you will feel welcomed. 

The annual recital has become a great hit with the students and their families. Even though both our daughters have moved on from piano lessons, they still tinker on the piano at home and both love to sing.

I still attend the annual spring recital because I appreciate and want to support what Brian is accomplishing with the students that he teaches.
"Glad we found him"
By Pamela on Dec 2 2015 Piano, In studio
My 11 year old son has been taking piano lessons from Brian for over a year and he is always excited to go to lessons. He is learning new things quickly and enjoys the enthusiasm and no regimented teaching style of Brian. Brian is great with kids. He's very patient and always finds a way to compliment a child's effort. We are very glad that we found him.
"Listens and motivates"
By Nora Manwiller on Dec 2 2015 Piano, In home
Mr. Long has done a great job teaching my boys and motivating them. He makes an effort to listen to them and connect with them at a personal level, so they have come to regard him as a friend and have a greater desire to learn from him. He does a great job combining genuine praise and exhortation to improve, and has been adaptable to our family's musical preferences and family goals
"Encouraging and fun"
By Amy L. on Apr 28 2014 Piano
        Great piano teacher! Brian is a wonderful piano teacher. My daughter started when she was almost 6. He is very patient, kind, flexible, encouraging, and fun. He is very knowledgeable as well.